Thursday, 4 October 2012

Shambles rambles!

Being this busy is a whole new experience for me! And a good one! ... maybe it would be better if my head was screwed on properly like a normal persons? SO much stress these past few days, and it's bought on a new stress-symptom...REFLUX!! Arrrgh I hate it so much! *sigh* such is life. I am going through Quik-Eze quicker than I'd like :(

So things are pretty much in shambles at the moment, so much happening that I don't know which direction I'm pointed in and spend most of the time running in 7 different directions.... at the same time trying to achieve something. What is it I'm trying to achieve exactly? I don't know! I'm doing free photography sessions for the locals of Armidale, I'm not sure how much longer I can keep at it for free...I have SO many people and families booked in for the next few weeks it's just crazy!! My poor poor husband has been dragged all over town being a taxi for me and sticking around so the complete strangers I work with don't eat me. Hey it's a fear ok!? Hahaha yeah I know it's hilarious... the awkward girl with the social anxiety has chosen a career path that PURELY involves communicating with strangers for prolonged periods of time. I'm careful to warn people of my awkwardness beforehand, and things seem to work out ok ;)

I'm not overly sure of myself, I can admit that much.. I guess I'll just get through these next few weeks the best I can and check out the results at the end! I'm trying my best to be as organised as possible, I have to be afterall! But it is very difficult for me considering that for four years I haven't REALLY had a lot of responsibilities when it came to keeping bookings, tracking names, details, calling people, getting places, being friendly and communicating effectively. Hell I don't know if I'm doing those things overly well but as I said it has been a while! My husband tells me I'm doing well, and that he's proud of me *blushes* for coming out of my shell. Mind you, he's been asking a little more consistantly recently regarding whenabouts I'm going to start charging for my photography...the time spent, the petrol, the calls, the editing, and the giving of photos on a cd free of charge is taking it's toll on our broke circumstances. I guess it's what you have to do though right! I'm not trained or qualified, so it makes sense to me to do it this way... I just don't know what the 'rules' are when it comes to these things.

Apparantly, as a general rule, people aren't QUITE as cruel, creepy rude and nasty as I percieve them to be! Well I'm sure some of them are (I've known a few!) but on the majority people are kind and understanding and just plain... nice! I'm trying not to feel TOO confident about this, as the Universe seems to have an aversion to me being TOO happy (or maybe it's just my perception? Meh...) but yes. There are nice people out there. Nice people who take time from their lives to help me build a portfolio. Nice people who are understanding of me and my funny ways. Nice people who understand that whilst they are doing me a favour by helping me out, I am also doing them one....and that's something I admire :o)

But that's enough rambling out me Mr. Blog! I just had thoughts in my head and they needed to be made sense of. I haven't abandoned those free crafty and cooking tutorials either! I have a few in the pipeline (is that the expression?) but just haven't the time to sit down and do them for you! I will I will I will I promise times infinity!

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