Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Sarcasm Warning.

You know what's an awesome way to ensure that you spend every minute of every day on edge and ready to burst into tears at any given moment? Suddenly develop a mystery illness. It's fun really! You get to wait weeks to see a doctor, you get to be allergic to the pain meds they give you, you get to be in constant pain that is always there and just varies in degrees in severity, you get to have everyone who is a nurse/had something similar before/random strangers diagnose you with all sorts of weird and wonderful diseases and conditions, you don't get proper sleep, you can't eat/lie down/move without your pain increasing in various places and you get to deal with it on your own because no one in the town you live in gives a shit, and your poor husband doesn't know what to do with you because he feels like he can't help. Oh yeah, did I mention you get to feel light headed pretty much the whole time and feel like you're going to throw up at the drop of a hat?

Sounds fantastic right! I don't know why everybody doesn't do it! You can wait two weeks for an ultrasound because being in pain isn't as important to get checked out as being pregnant (and yes they will tell you that over the phone) so you have to wait, and if you're thinking about going to Emergency? Don't bother; you're not bleeding, you're not half dead and you're obviously not important enough for anyone to look you go home in tears wondering how to make yourself worse so someone will consider you worth their time.

So here you are, at home, alone, tired and sick and angry and completely over it and you're wondering why you bothered to get out of bed thismorning.

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