Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A blanket I may actually finish and a huge pile of delicious yarn!

Need I say more?!

Last night whilst watching episodes of Dilbert, I grabbed three balls of my unused Kmart yarn, a 6.5mm hook and got started on making (yet another) giant granny square blanket...I can't count the amount of times I've started on a blanket and not finished it! Why do I keep starting new ones then? It's the crocheters curse...I'm sure I can vouch for all of us when I say it's just the way it is! Anyhoo.. so it's raining outside today, I'm still sick (only 20 more days til my ultrasound! *insert extremely sarcastic face* I made the damn booking two weeks ago...apparantly if you're not pregnant...being in s***loads of pain in the pelvic area isn't on the priority appointment list...I'll fill you in more on that when I know more myself) I'm about to fetch myself a rather large and delicious bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and some raisin toast OM NOM NOM and today I MIGHT just finished a blanket! I know...don't die of shock. It's super bright...I like it! Not really very summer-y but meh...it's providing therapy that I desperately need at the moment.

GUESS WHAT?! Remember me telling you last post that I was expecting a Lucy Pack? IT ARRIVED!!! Seriously the most amazing thing to arrive at your doorstep....WITH THE EXCEPTION OF...Tim Burton knocking and asking if you'd like to feature alongside Johnny Depp in his next film....HBO just popping round to ask if you'd like to be an extra in The Walking Dead....A 100kg  delivery of pop rocks and dairy milk chocolate...oh I could go on...... but ok, on the crochet-I-love-yarn-gimme-gimme-gimme side of things this was definately pretty amazing. Seriously, I opened the package AND LOOK WHAT I HAVE! *squeeeee*

Of course I have no idea what I'm going to do with it...*ponders*

And speaking on unfinished blankets...I added another two squares to my was-more-v's-please-blanket-and-is-now-a-bit-of-everything; the Butterfly Garden Square (in green) and the Birthday Flower Square (in purple). I was doing those yesterday too but got fed up trying to stick to patterns so I resorted my granny-blanket instead.

I have a feeling this particular blanket will be 'in progress' for a LOOOOONG time. Here's a sneaky peaky so far!

And with that I am off to make myself some breakfast...I think I've shared enough crochet with you for the time being! :o)

Wish me luck with my granny blanket!


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