Thursday, 11 October 2012

I seeeee yooou haha sorry... it's the eye of Sauron

Sorry for the lack of crafty posts recently guys!! I've been feeling a bit 'whats the point' with it lately and resisting the urge to have a rather long blog-rant about it. Anyhoo, I've been kept busy with my photography lately, some of it good some of it not-so-good. The eye of Sauron is always upon me, as are his spies (euphemism for shitty people) and I just haven't felt inspired to do anything! Nooo, that's not me being paranoid...well perhaps just a little...but mostly that a) no one will probably see it b) no one will probably care c) it's probably already been done WHOOPS it's turning into a rant! END RANT END RAAANT!

HA! see? Now the eye of Sauron is on you too!

I have been doing stuff...really I have. My parentals are coming for a visit this weekend ^.^ Just out of the blue! I can't wait to see mumsy and father bear and the sibling units!! SQUEEEEEE we've been madly cleaning up our teensy little apartment so my family can see that I can take care of a living space *COUGH* at the last minute. Oh c'mon, don't give me that look! I bet you do the same! We bought a new vacuum recently and it's a BOSS! I reckon it would suck up my dog Spaz if he got too close, which of course he won't coz he's terrified of the thing (probably for that reason! DUH) so I've been able to do a proper clean YAY! Seriously I hate dog fur everywhere...I love my inside doggies, I truly do but dog fur is my (counts on fingers) 6th or 7th worst enemy!

Could you believe it? It's been warm here allll week and the day my parents are due to arrive and we're expecting snow...not that it was ACTUALLY snow, they predict it every year but it never happens. Sort of wish it would though, that would make some rad photos!!!!!

So yes, I have been doing's a summary:
  • Had our one year wedding anniversary, and it was lovely, thankyou for asking :o)
  • I've been glueing sequins to a canvas
  • I'm planning a giant GLITTER FEST
  • I got dressed in Victorian garb and had a tea party in the park last week
  • I was supposed to be at Roller Derby training this week but couldn't because I'm terrified of being on things that move (that's what SHE said! HA!)
  • Yesterday I was so sick I thought I was going to die. Luckily though I didn't! Yay for me!
  • I am still working on my handmade for Christmas thing, but I'm changing it from a tab on my blog (you'll notice it's missing) to a few posts instead, it's coming but I'm lazy
  • I have to go to the doctor on Monday as I may have PCOS or endometriosis :(

Also...don't you reckon David Wenham is spunky? I think so.
Source: via David on Pinterest

Oh yeah... here's what I had for lunch..thought you might want to try it, it's pretty tasty. I guess it's a type of omelette.

In a bowl crack 3 eggs, add a handful of sliced mushies, a sprinkle of mixed herbs and pepper and a handful of grated cheese. Tip it all into a teeny saucepan (on medium heat with a tinsy bit of butter)

and leave it til the egg cooks through (10 minutes-ish). Flip it over, leave for another 5 minutes, tip it onto a plate and voila!

also it was just coincidence that my omelette thingy was the perfect size for my little plate ^.^ Cooking win!
 There! Til next time!



  1. That omelet looks delicious! I'll have to give it a try. I'm new to your blog. I look forward to reading about your adventures with crafting, even your rants. lol. We all need to vent or we'll take it out on the closest breathing thing at some point -- without them knowing what in the heck is going on! Have a good visit with parents. xxx

    1. It was pretty tasty :) Thankyou for visiting! ^.^ I look forward to having you here...and I do tend to rant a bit, but what else is a blog for right? hehe

    2. Rant away! Get it out of your system, and then create, create, create. Hugs :)


Thanks a bunch of bananas for the comments lovelies! I sure do appreciate it you spunky thing you :o)