Monday, 18 June 2012

Vintage Baby!

Yep! Today I decided I wanted to my housework in Victory Rolls! Why not right!? My first time doing victory rolls and pin up makeup! Unfortunately I had no one to take my photos for me so they're all tacky selfies haha

Ignore the icky blonde in my fringe, I had a fight with a hair dye and as you can see, I lost. I've got to leave it a few days before I can dye it back though so til then I'm a bit orange. I've always loved the vintage look, I don't know why I have never tried this hairstyle before! It was actually pretty easy, given enough hairspray and bobby pins that is! It's sparked an insane desire to start searching through op shops to find vintage clothing and try out a new vintage 'do everyday! SQUEEEEEE!! Now to work up the courage to wear my 'do OUTSIDE the house...hmm... that might take some mental convincing. Oh well, I guess if I'm going to be anxious around other people and strangers and be paranoid that they're looking at me I might as well give 'em something to look at right? Ok yeah, you're all strangers and are looking at me, I guess I should say 'in person' hehe


Thanks a bunch of bananas for the comments lovelies! I sure do appreciate it you spunky thing you :o)