Friday, 8 June 2012

My first attempt at making a quilt

Today I scrambled through my meagre fabric stash to see what I had in there..I had this brilliant idea that I was going to give a baby quilt/play mat a go today (after finally giving up on the housework. The bathroom is clean, I smell like a Exit Mould) I only had two pieces of fabric large enough to make a quilt with, some green spotty fabric and some dark blue cotton which worked out well because it means now I have a unisex quilt to add to my baby box. I also discovered I had no batting either and being too broke to go buy some more (as usual) I fished out a piece of old pink mink that was faded and used two layers of that instead. And then I set to it! And voila! It didn't turn out so bad :o) The only bias binding I had was 1cm wide and at first I tried in vain to wrap it over the outside edge but as you can guess, that failed. So I cheated and folded it in half and topstitched it on instead! That worked!

The spots made it a bucket load easier for me to sew nice even squares too ( I just had to count between them to get straight lines), I'd have been stuffed without them! Perhaps all my blankets in future will be spotty...

Then for extra measure (and with extra fabric) I put two applique birds on the corner....unfortunately though my sewing machine is very old (A Globe Electronic 390 to be exact) and doesn't really have an applique/embroidery function so I just sort of eyeballed it and used a small zig zag stitch over the edge twice. Some may call it dodgy, I think of it as improvisation! I'm pretty impressed with my handiwork, my sewing machine has been a bit neglected recently (blame Mr Crochet Hook) though it definately has room for improvement next time!

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