Friday, 15 June 2012

Quick Craft Tip! Write with your glue gun!

YES I know it's WAAAAY to early to be making Christmas cards but when you have 45 people to make gifts for, you need 6 months trust me!

Anyway, on to my quick craft tip! If there is one thing I HATE with the passion of a thousand burning suns, it's cutting out tiny little letters and shapes for cards. Seriously I hate it! It's ok if you buy the sticker letter kind, or have an alphabet stamp or punch but alas, have those things, I do not. Try this instead! Write with your glue gun!

If you have a steady hand then give this a go! Write what you'd like, then shake some glitter over it, let it try and tip off the excess.. ta da! Gorgeous glitter lettering! Take it one letter at a time so you're glue doesn't dry on you before you get the glitter on :o) To make my cards, I've been using a pre-bought pack of gold cards, twine, black glitter cardboard and of course my glue gun with glitter...I'm really loving the look of these cards! Very simplistic and elegant I think! I then simply too a bit of parchment paper and with a felt tip pen wrote my 'Merry Christmas' and added it to the card! Nothing too fancy.

I've caught the 'bunting craze' recently, have you noticed how popular it seems to be getting in the crafting world recently? It makes for a nice and simple Christmas card design!

I tried using my glue gun and glitter to create some basic shapes too, it makes for a lovely hanging lights motif :o)

It's also a fab technique for making super glittery embarrassing love notes for your husband :p

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