Sunday, 10 June 2012

I got featured on Crafting in my Closet!! Yay!!

How awesome is that! I got featured at Crafting in my Closet this week! Well actually, my nappy/diaper wallet tutorial Guest Post did but still :p That made my day, Teresa you are AWESOME! Geeky birds of a feather stick together right?

Unfortunately though I have to admit my Dr Who scarf project is currently in stasis as due to my stupid tooth getting infected at the wrong time we can no longer go to Supanova Pop Culture expo next weekend :( I am completely heartbroken BUT it's ok, that just gives me more time to make a kick-butt costume for next year! As for my scarf, I haven't given up! I am still going to finish it! All 30 feet of it :p It's all good though, it is winter here in Oz so a nice long scarf won't go astray!

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