Monday, 12 March 2012

Monday 12/03/12 Housework huh?

Don't you just love it when you're renting and you get that letter in the mail saying your home is due for a property inspection? Our place is not so much messy but just crazily disorganised! We still have boxes we haven't unpacked from when we moved in (3 months ago) that just have no where to go and although we've been culling as much as we can to make it fit it just seems never ending! Our last apartment was a lot bigger but had no yard so we gave up the space for the yard we now have so we could have our has definately been worth it! But now I have only a few days to get everything sorted! Eeeep! In a way it's a good thing as it gives us the push we need to get things done and finished up in here but there just seems like so much to do! So as far as housework goes, I always need a list.... and besides, doesn't it make you feel like you've really achieved something when you can tick it off and write a big fat DONE next to it? Well I don't know about you but it definately makes me feel better. (I just realised I've been touch typing this... I didn't realise I could do that? Amazing what loads of time on your laptop can do for you! There you go, I've picked up a skill haha).

That said, let's put todays list in type so I can stop procrastinating and get to it. Ohh my hungry little caterpiller fabrics I ordered just arrived!! Ok yeah... NOW I will stop procrastinating and get on with it

1. Get through the washing pile. That is something that never seems done, but I am in truth SO CLOSE to the end that I might as well see it through and for the first time in months actually have empty baskets!! The day isn't looking so good for washing but I'll do what I can with it *fingers crossed it doesn't rain*
Ok so I got halfway through that...dang spiders kept finding me and crawling on me! BLECK

2. Make the bed. Yes that is trivial but I actually very rarely do it, and I really should start making it a habit....exciting list right?! It gets worse....
10.51am HAHA done! hmmm not much of an achievement there though

3. CLEAN MY CRAFT ROOM I have been putting that off for is a MESS and a half in there, im almost too scared to open the door and go in!
4.55pm  and it's finally clean!
The top of my storage drawers *insert ashamed face*

This is what my desk looked like before I got to it!! I told you it was messy!

After I got through all the mess and my shelves are finally organised!!
One clean desk!!! Yay! I seriously can't believe I let it get so bad!

There is a floor under there....somewhere

And now there's a floor!
4. Make more rainbow cupcakes. Not really necessary but heck it was fun!!
4pm I decided to make a rainbow layer cake instead... just one more layer to go and then the icing! NTS next time get 6 cake tins and a bigger oven and do it all at once.... 1 cake tin + 6 colours = a looong time in the making!

5. Sort out the crap in the loungeroom so we can get the boxes unpackes. Our loungeroom is where random stuff goes to collect dust...stuff that doesn't have a home, or a purpose really, but we dont know whether to throw it out or not...Im sure you have stuff like that. Well, today I'm gonna have to deal with it!
4.50pm well, I managed to get a few boxes out of the way (and into my craft room actually, now that there is space!) and a few things cleared. Hubby will help me with the rest later one (hopefully!)
And that should do it for today!

It's currently 10am in the morning... I got a LOT done on Friday so I know I can do it all, I just lack Fridays will power! Ok... here goes!

p.s I really hope the neighbours are out today because I've got my music on and it is LOUD :p


  1. Wow, great job on the housework. I hate doing the housework, but love the results. Is that cake ready yet? Do you have a recipe? This would be great to take to the baseball bake sale!

    1. thanks Jen! me too, but it absolutely had to be done...and I couldn't take not having any space anymore :p I used a simple butter cake recipe I found online and made up the rest, I can write it all up for you in a post if you like?

  2. First of all you are more brave than me! I would not want to put a pic of my desk on my blog right now :D

    Second, GREAT JOB! You have inspired me!

    Third, that cake looks delish!

    1. Haha looking back at the post I can't believe I just shared those pics with the world but it's all good, now you all know exactly how messy I can be! House inspections can give all kinds of motivation lol

  3. I really don't miss living in an apartment. At least where you are renting, they followed the policy of giving you notice!

    I have to clean the kitchen sink and make it shine or else I feel like the whole kitchen is a mess.

  4. Cake looks awesome!! Can you help clean my house!! Gahhh, it is pretty bad right now. Its a big house but not enough cupboards and shelves to finish unpacking. Trying to sell a few things to make room but haven't sold anything yet :( think i may just have to sacrifice a few things to vinnies and maybe get another book case or day....

    1. Thank Ashlee :) I can sympathise with the lack of cupboard and shelf space, I hate the thought of having to get rid of more stuff from here but the reality is we mighten't have a choice :( On the plus side though Arden picked up his big fish tank from his parents shed so we can get some goldfish to go on some of our newly cleaned space in the loungeroom!

  5. I surely love the cake and the organizing!I know I will be up for a lot within the next few weeks...Good job there!mind sharing the cake recipe?=)

  6. I wrote up the cake recipe (it's sort of mine, but mostly not lol), it's here if you'd like it :o) Thankyou for the encouragement everyone!!


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