Thursday, 15 March 2012

Pillowcase dress, my first try!

Well today I finished sewing up my first ever peice of clothing! I have made a skirt before, but that was completely hand sewn (actually I need to sew the hem on that still..whoops!) It's only a little peice, newborn to be exact and the whole dress cost about $3 to make as I picked up the fabric at the local op-shop for 50 cents and I only used half of it! My printer wasn't working though so I couldn't print the pattern and had to measure the fabric with my tape and draw it up myself and as a consequence I think the armholes are a bit too small. I have now used bias tape for the first time...wonderful stuff isn't it? I also made a matching bow headband for the dress, you know because now cute little vintage dress is complete without a bow right?

I also learnt how to sew on trim properly! It's suprisingly simple, but then again I guess I've never tried to do it before.

I used Prudent Baby for the pattern, it was super easy to follow! I am now plotting ways to go about making one of these dresses on a larger scale for myself! Red and polka-dotty would be perfect!


  1. thats beautifull and i love your blog as well! you can find me at

  2. That is so cute- I love the fabric!!!

    1. thankyou! I picked up second hand, and there is still a heap of it leftover! I love bargain buys


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