Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wednesday ~ Crochet pattern in the making!

Woo it's Wednesday! That means it's that Wordless Wednesday time of the week again and I am excited this time because I am going to try adding my first linky to my WW post today! It looks fairly straight forward so later on today I will be setting that up! It's number one on my list!

1. Set up linky on my WW!!!! Done :o)

Next I wanted to....

2. Show you  this:

Size 3-6 months Koala Crochet hat

Isn't it just the cutest!! I hope you agree because guess what? I will be sharing my pattern for this crochet hat right here on my blog hopefully within a week and it will be here forever and always free! I feel a bit hypocritical because I can't really follow written crochet patterns myself and I'm going to try writing one! AND for the very first time I will giving a video tutorial a shot! I am very excited about that! :) I'm not sure how it will turn out, but I definately want to try it! The tutorial will include earflaps and tassles.

3. I am soooo very far behind in my '20 Nifty Things To Make With Scrapbook Paper' project... I have only made two tutorials so far! The Hanging Paper Butterfly and the Paper Fairy Doll Printable. Today I will aim to get another tutorial up and running for that, I have some ideas to share with you too!

That should definately keep me occupied for the day (and the week!!) so I will check back later on with some progress!


1pm and I am checking in with progress! I am a master procrastinator and haven't started on my tutorial because I have actually run out of grey wool and will need to buy some more to write out the pattern for you :( I did learn to make granny squares though!! AND I actually read my first pattern and it made perfect sense! For those learning to crochet like me, this pattern is really easy to follow, I would definately recommend popping over and checking it out 'Granny Square How-To'

and if you're after a great video tutorial for a larger square I used this one 'How to Make Granny Squares - Circle Centres' :)

my square is far from perfect!

I can't wait til I have some nicer colours and softer wool to try these again, today though it was just using what I had in my little stash. Ohh and check out my new set of crochet hooks! They go all the way down to a size 2.0mm! I have no idea what you'd use that size for but it's so tiny! Same with the 10.00mm hook...... it's huge!!

arrived in the mail yesterday :) Good 'ole ebay!



Thanks a bunch of bananas for the comments lovelies! I sure do appreciate it you spunky thing you :o)