Tuesday, 20 December 2011

SOOOO guess what I'm doing tonight??

haha yes, more baking!

This time in someone else's kitchen though so it's all good...my mother-in-laws kitchen actually...it's HUGE, and much easier to cook in than my tiny excuse for a kitchen *hangs head in shame*. I mean look...all my spices and baking supplies barely fit on the one shelf I have!

As soon as my hubby and I start looking for a house to buy...it ABSOLUTELY MUST have a big kitchen.

I am baking again tonight...we're going and making gingerbread cookies with my Hubby's younger sister and brother...I foresee icing sugar everywhere...strange new colours invented with food colouring and many many spoonfuls of eaten cookie mixture! It's always more fun that way though :)

So holy cow there's only 4 more days until Christmas! What the heck happened to the rest of the year???????? Did I misplace a few months? Are they under the bed or something?? wow.... that's really all I can say is wow.....
Oh well...bring on 2012! What are you doing for Christmas this year? We're having a nice family day, lots of food, water and soap sud slide in the yard, more food, a nap or two, lots of wine and heaps more food! Christmas is no fun unless you feel like you're gonna hurl from overeating am I right?! And then we eat some more! Ooooh can't wait! I'm a proud food-fanatic, what's that old saying? Never trust a skinny cook? Well...I should be a cooking master!!!

Hmm so what else have I done today...well I made some new Doggie Bandanas!  All sewn by hand with a needle and thread, (yes I am still without a sewing machine) but it was worth it and they turned out great! What else?! I have a huge stash of ribbons and lace and fabric and things so I dug out some of my prettier ones to create with today.. I still feel like I need more though... you can NEVER have too much stuff in your craft stash!! (don't tell my hubby I said that!)

todays creations :)

Well, I'm off to bake in 10 minutes so I'd best hop off the net and say goodbye for the time being!

Happy Tuesday!!

-Tashy Xx


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