Monday, 12 December 2011

A pretty skirt, a bowl of ice cream and a playful puppy!

You know at the moment you can't even get through the DOOR of my crafting room?? Yes it is that bad... and yes I should be cleaning it instead of being online (pity it's so much more fun!) but hey, it's Monday and we all need a bit of extra enthusiasm to get into gear on Mondays. My enthusiasm is coming from a nice hot cup of tea and the baking of apples for after tea tonight (and a little bowl of ice cream of course!!! The only downside being of course that baking means more mess to clean to it's a catch 22....but who cares!! Baked apples are yummy. Peel them, core them, shove dried fruit and brown sugar down the middle and bake until they're cooked! I have no idea how long that is, I usually just wing it! (like I do with most things!)

 Honestly...what kind of insane person sews a hand without a pattern when they've never sewn an article of clothing before in their lives??????

Oh right...that was me

It's not completely finished yet, I still have to hem the bottom layer in the skirt and add the silk ties to it (dusty pink ones! That tie into a sweet bow at the back of the skirt). It was really quite simple! I just pictured the kind of skirt I wanted, high waisted, two layers, and with a fuller body in the skirt so it would be flattering on my figure! It worked!! The hardest part was once I had cut out all the peices, the hardest bit was trying to figure out how it should all go together! And parts of it were a tad fiddly...but it was so worth it! It isn't a straight edged skirt (they're a little boring anyway), and it's very comfortable! When I finish it completely (and have someone else around the take the photo; hopefully soon!!!) i'll show you what it looks like on.

I'm in love with it! And isn't the fabric just divine!! It was a fabric remnant I picked up locally and fell in love with, I made a bag with it a few months ago and found I had enough left over for a skirt too! I still have enough for a clutch and a headband aswell so I am one very happy camper!! The dark blue fabric I had in my stash and never thought I would use, but it turned out to be perfect for this project :) It's quite heavy (it's courdory) but it falls perfectly and has the right amount of stretch to fit comfortably. It comes up just under the bust and the skirt falls just above the knees.

My furry little companion here watching me take photos of my skirt!

My skirt also has a cute split in the front on the top layer
I've used a beige thread again the dark blue, I just loved the effect!

Oh! And one more thing before I get stuck into my day....

Caramel, chocolate and honeycomb

Happy Monday!!

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