Sunday, 18 December 2011

Chocolate and Cream Headband Tutorial

Hi guys! I'm winging this one from my couch today, as I'm not feeling too fantastic (my hubby and I seem to have caught the 'summertime' bug)...This is a super cute elastic-free tutorial and can be fitted to any size so you can make it for a special little bubba in your life, it would make a lovely baby shower and baby birthday gift. I have a few friends with bubbies due next year (and by a few I mean 8! must be something in the drinking water hehe), I'm going to have a lot of baby shower gifts to make!

So let's get started... as you can see here, your materials list is fairly simple. I've chosen to make mine brown, ivory and blue (my favourite colour combo). You will need:

-A comfy couch and a cup of tea are a complete necessity for this one, I would have ice cream but Im not sure my stomach would thank me for that at the moment!

-A piece of satin; a scrap will do, you will need roughly a 30 x 30cm square
-A length of wide organza ribbon, to fit it to your head, simply measure it to fit from behind one ear to the other leaving about and inch on either side to attach your tying ribbons onto.
-Some tying ribbon; I like to double mine over at the ends of my headband so you will need two pieces about 50cm long
-Three large buttons; I've chosen a set of ivory buttons I picked up for 50 cents at the local fabric store
-Needle and thread; I've used white so you can see it for the tutorial :)
-Hot glue gun (as always!)

Making Your Headband:

1. Take your organza ribbon and your two lengths of tying ribbon. Hold one end of the organza ribbon between your fingers and about an inch from the end, fold it in half. Then fold in half again, and then again.

2. Take one piece of your trying ribbon and loop the middle an inch from the end of the organza where you've folded and tie a knot. Take the tail of the organza and fold it upwards, tying another knot. Take the leftover tail and fold it down, tying a double knot this time. Repeat on the other end of your organza. Refer to the image to see how I've done it :) It's pretty simple.

You've now got your basic headband!

Making the Flowers

1. Cut three strips of satin about 40cm long, your first about 6cm wide, the second piece 4cm wide and the third about 3cm. Precision isn't important here today...I'm sick and can't be bothered finding a ruler.

2. Thread your needle. Take the first strip of satin and fold in half. Along the open end, sew a quick running stitch by hand....

 gently tugging on the thread as you go so your fabric looks like this:

3. Once you have a full circle, you can cut off the tail. Overlap the two edges and close to the centre stitch them together and tie it off on the back. It should look like this:

Repeat with your remaining fabric strips.. You've now got your flowers!

Don't worry too much if the satin had frayed in the centre, because now you're taking your buttons and hot glueing one to the centre of each flower :) I have to leave the couch for this part, my glue gun cord didn't reach to the coffee table!

4. Arrange your flowers on your headband how you'd like them, I like mine fairly low on the headband so the flower cluster is to the side when I wear it. Cut out a circle from your remaining satin to act as a 'base' for your flowers; when glueing on your flowers, position the circle underneath the headband first. This will not only make your flowers more stable on the organza, but it will also help to not burn your fingers in the process!

Voila!!! You now have a beautiful couch-headband! Simple to make yet such a gorgeous addition to your hair accessories don't you think? Now to make another 10 in different colours ;)

Happy Headband Making!!

Though if you don't mind, pretty please don't sell headbands you make from this tutorial; I have an online shop and I create tutorials for home-use wouldn't be fair to sell them k? :) Thankyou kindly in advance!!!

I'd love to see your creations! Email them to me at and I'll post them here on my blog :)

-Tashy xox 

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