Friday, 3 May 2013

You'd never even know it was there!

Today is the day I finally say goodbye to my sewing/craft room.... After a week of sorting/culling/packing and playing extreme tetris our spare room is empty and ready to be turned into a nursery. YAY for having the space for a nursery!! But EXTREME SAD FACE that my little crafting haven has been stored away until we can afford to move someplace bigger. Really I am grateful we even have the space for a nursery and that the spare room is there at all but honestly can you imagine how completely heartbroken I am!?!!! A desk and shelves (well bookcase/shelves) that were once covered in all my scrapbook papers, sewing bits and yarn is now just an empty barren wasteland of boring and waiting to be packed away into the shed to make room for our crib *sniff*
Ok so I'm probably being a little melodramatic about it all... it's not my craft stuff is GONE forever it's just packed up neatly-ish in the top cupboard and this really just means I can take over the kitchen table in the meantime MUWAHAHAHAHA I mean it's not like I ALREADY do that but shhhhhhhhh
And besides... now I can start the really fun part! Turning a reasonably small spare room space into a baby nursery on a less than meagre budget. I have a few ideas but will need to wait til we get the rest of our unit sorted before I can start on it... it kinda looks like a bomb hit it as we're cleaning for an inspection at the moment and thought we'd take the opportunity to do a bit of de-cluttering. Nothing gets a person more motivated to clean than an inspection notice haha! It needed doing anyhow :o) It's just looking at my 'craft room' now, you'd never even know it was there!

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