Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Catching up!

Hey guys,
It's been a while since I've posted, things have been a bit crazy around here lately!! My laptop decided to throw a hissy fit and is currently not with us so I'm typing on my very old backup computer... the keys stick so if we're missing a few letters along the way I apologise now! I'm trying not to think about my large collection of music, photos and documents I currently don't have access to :(

In crafting news, with the loss of my laptop I have had VERY long days at home alone to fill. It's amazing the things you can finish when you're not procrastinating! Last week alone I crocheted 3 shell stitch scarves, a beanie for a friend, a cat scoodie for myself (wait til you see it!!), I finished one of the bavarian stitch/Catherine wheel/yarn-eater blankets I've been working on and I finished a knitted scarf with that fabulous European yarn I had. I've been meeting up with a friend once a week and we've been having a crochet 'n' cupcakes day and on Monday this week we made a road trip to Tamworth to hit up the Spotlight sale. We spent 2 hours wandering around looking at all the pretties and didn't even realise we'd been in there that long. I'm SURE we would have been there longer had we not had a time to be home by. It was lovely actually, our budget has been so tight lately and little luxuries haven't really been a possibility but my husband sent me off with our spare $25 for Spotlight. He is the most wonderful person! I was able to get a bit of fabric to decorate the nursery and some yarn on special for our baby mobile :)

Just today my newly converted crochet-addicted friend and I made mini crochet top hats and ate chocolate vegan cupcakes with candied oranges on top and it was amaze-balls. By the way, I am NEVER making any other kind of cupcake ever ever again! Seriously you take the eggs out and wowza does it make a huge difference! They're so light and fluffy and just plain fabulous...delicious little morsels of joy! Right now I'm just chilling in my warm (very expensive to heat) loungeroom listening to jazz and working on a crochet mobile for Baby Shmoogle Bean's room. I saw the hot air balloon mobiles whilst googling earlier and I have fallen completely in love with them. I'm making mine up as I go as the available pattern didnt really tickly my fancy, I'm just hoping what I end up with is a good as what's in my head! You know what sucks about all this crochet madness though? I can't actually share any photos with you until I have access to my hubby's laptop (his is broken too.... electrical stuff hmph!) so maybe maybe maybe tomorrow I can jump on and give it a go. I soooooo want you, if you're there reading, to see what I've been up to!

Oh! I made some fabric bunting for our nursery yesterday too...... I spent the afternoon watching LOTR and sewing away like a mad munchkin and we hung the finished product up last night. I'll share a photo I promise :) It looks great!

In baby news, all is well! I'll be 24 weeks pregnant by the end of this week, isn't that crazy!! The time is just catapulting by, our baby will be here before we know it! He kicks all day now, and my bump is getting pretty 'bumpy. I've been lucky and have had no complications so far, I go for my gestastional diabetes test next week and I'm hoping everything will be ok.
Anyhoo, I'm getting a touch peckish (HA! I'm always peckish these days) so time for that honey sesame stir fry soon methinks. I'll hopefully be back again soon with some photos! Fingers crossed for me guys!

Hope you're well and dandy my lovelies!

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  1. You're a busy, busy bee! I used to play games on FB. Once I stopped those and also canceled cable service on my TV, I have so much time! I actually went to bed at midnight, which is a crazy time for me because I'm a night owl. I have a small suggestion. Why don't you add a PayPal button here? I've seen other blogs that do, and I've known of people that help to keep the blog going. You never know what can happen ;)


Thanks a bunch of bananas for the comments lovelies! I sure do appreciate it you spunky thing you :o)