Friday, 8 March 2013

Star stitch, fabric flowers and a beautiful blanket

My latest crafty escapades are definately not that glamorous but I have been doing a little bit here and there which is better than nothing right? I learnt a new crochet stich (the star stitch) which is groovy, takes a while to work up but looks great! I'd intended to make a start on my new autumn newborn prop range but with this flu it's been baby steps here and there. Definately looking forward to trying this one out again in a larger hook size (used a 5.5mm here) and a thicker ply yarn for a different effect.
I also whipped up some quick little fabric flowers to keep myself in the groove, there is nothing much in the crafting world I love more than fabric flowers yet I hardly ever take the time to make them! Sad really! I have a WHOLE PINTEREST board dedicated to them for cryin' out loud! I am in DESPERATE need of a project that involves oodles of these little beauties! Any suggestions? :o)
Then there is my ongoing mega-crochet project! This poor blanket has a very long way to go, I feel like I've been working on it for an eternity. One of my close friends asked for a blanket to made for her daughter, I feel so awful that I haven't finished it but first it was all day morning sickness, now it's the flu...I've had no luck! I am hoping to spend the better part of this weekend just working on it :o) It will be edged in white (once it's done), with white hearts appliqued and the little girl's name added in crochet letters (which I'll be learning how to do soon) I'll just keep swimming, I'm sure I'll get there soon! It's a good thing I have very understanding friends! I can't really show you more than this peak, I don't want her to see the whole thing til it's all done ;)
It's a Friday night and I think I'm going to nestle down on the lounge, keep up my fluids and watch Bob's Burgers....good plan methinks! Happy weekend everyone! I'll be back blogging later on in the week...12 week scan on Wednesday!! YIPPEEE! 

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