Monday, 25 March 2013

Destashing the stash.. card making with scrapbook paper

I have a few drawers full of scrapbooking paper and other bits and pieces in our spare room that I need to use up before bubba arrives (as well as a heap of yarn, sewing stuff, fabric and craft stuff!) so I spent Sunday doing some card making. They're pretty basic, my card making skills aren't very adventurous...I'm sure I'll find a use for them!
So far there are only 6 not REALLY that much of a dent into my stash...the loungeroom floor surrounding the lounge I've been living on is kinda buried at the moment. Whoops!
I am feeling so completely flat and sick today, I had really thought my morning sickness had taken a hike but man was I wrong!! These past two days have been worse than ever... so I am balled up on the lounge in my corner writing this little post, reading manga online and half arse-edly working on a berry stitch crochet baby blanket I started last week that is only 9 rows in so far. I will also admit that I am currently biting down on my lip holding in the ever increasing feeling of nausea that's just hit again and praying to Zeus this passes again soon. I'm nipping off home with the hubby for the Easter long weekend to spend some time with family and whilst I am so excited to see them, I am absolutely without a doubt DREADING the car trip! We are going the long way to avoid the 100km of winding mountain road but as I usually get motion sickness anyway...let's just say it's going to be one very very rough trip!

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