Friday, 22 March 2013

Pie in the sky!

Well it's Friday, another week bites the dust! If only I felt up to celebrating! Yep, you guessed it! The morning sickness is still hovering around making life miserable...I was given a few days grace and TA DA it has returned. 14 weeks and 1 was I thinking I'd be free and clear after 12 weeks...bummer right! Even though eating is the furthest thing from my mind today I'm *somehow* shuffling around the kitchen doing some baking. Hubby and I thought we'd have a little dinner party tonight, okay so there is only one person coming..and it isn't really a 'party' as such but SHHHHH I'll call it what I want! On the menu is my famous-ok-so-it's-from-a-recipe-but-I-totally-rock-it Chicken Cacciatore full of tomato-y goodness...very delicious! That of course goes with fresh crusty bread and steamed broccoli :o) I was going to cook my equally as loved homemade fettucine carbonara but my stomach and rich creamy things don't agree at the moment Grrrrrr
For dessert I thought I'd go for something classic that I've never tried before..I'm making a 'Pie in the Sky' high top apple pie made in a springform cake tin rather than a pie dish, and made with custard powder in the pastry. Sounded pretty tasty! It took me almost 2 hours pottering around our tiny kitchen preparing the pastry but I got there eventually...the pie is now in the oven and *fingers crossed* doesn't explode. I thought I'd give my ice cream maker another go and make up a vanilla bean egg-free ice cream to go with said pie had better be worth it! The darn single vanilla bean cost me $14! I have had to take alot of breaks mid-cooking and preparing to sit down and wait for the nausea to pass but I'm determined to get it all done! I am so tired of toast and lemonade! I am having something delicious for dinner tonight damnit! (stay tuned for later tonight when I eat my words and wish I'd had toast instead!)
Pie pre-oven... Ok FINE I used tinned apples too...VERY unlike me but the cost of the vanilla bean cut into my apple budget. Cooking on sweet f/a cash means sometimes you have to cut a corner. Nevermind, I'm sure everything will be delish anyway. Also I don't know why but as soon as I started working on the pie this song got stuck going round and round in my now I'm going to stick on yours haha! Happy Friday! I certainly have High Hopes of getting all this done.


  1. How did everything turn out? That pie looks scrumptious!

    1. It looked fabulous but didn't turn out to well :( The pastry was undercooked on the inside, I'll try blind baking it next time and see how it goes!


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