Friday, 16 November 2012

Things you can make/put in/do with your empty coffee jar!

So anyhoo...I ran out of instant coffee thismorning *THE WORLD IS GOING TO END EVERYBODY RUUUUUN!* and whilst shaking the last dregs of coffee out of the jar I got to thinking... my goodness that is one sexy glass jar!! I absolutely must make something with it! That of course led me to Pinterest (of course... derrrr! where else would I go?) and so I bring you this quick post of
Things you can make /put in/do with your empty jar!
Ok fine it's really just me embedding a heap of funky ideas from our favourite online time waste...... um pinboard but hey, I get snaps for enthusiasm! I'm actually supposed to be cleaning the house and crocheting itty bitty Christmas hat props for tomorrow and sewing in the ends of my donations to Yasminah's Gift of Hope but I am sitting here with my small furry puppy in my lap, in my pajamas still and perusing the interwebs...I really do need to get to it soon though. Good thing I have The Very Best of Canned Heat on surround to listen to ^.^ There may be more dancing than cleaning involved! Enjoy lovelies!

Source: via Mariné on Pinterest

Source: via JD on Pinterest
Source: via Jess on Pinterest


  1. Beautiful ideas out of such a mundane thing. Those glitter jars are my favorite, but I also love the soap dispenser and the "Drink Me" potion. What creative ideas!

    1. I luuuuurve glitter! I've never tried to glitter-fy (is that a word?) the inside of a jar before! Sounds like something I may need to try! ^.^


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