Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A busy day of newborn prop creating!

 Four new adorable little newborn photography creations today and I'm still going with another one on the hook at the moment! I may be slightly addicted...


  1. These are absolutely beautiful! I haven't tackled crocheting yet, but am starting to get the hang of knitting! Stopping by from the blog hop today.

    1. I'm just starting to learn how to knit! But it's definately very different to crochet :) I'm getting the hang of it slowly!

  2. They're gorgeous! I'm so jealous that you do your own photography. I want to take a class. I hope they're not too pricey. My crochet is in dire need of a good photographer.


Thanks a bunch of bananas for the comments lovelies! I sure do appreciate it you spunky thing you :o)