Friday, 12 August 2011

Dreaming of Chocolate Cream Pie

I was watching 'Julie and Julia' today and I have been hit with a powerful desire to make a chocolate cream pie!! Looks like I'm taking a trip to the supermarket in the morning! And while we're on the subject of food, I will also be baking a roast dinner on Sunday... oh yes, yes, yes Sunday roast how cliche right? Ha ha well it's like this, I havent baked ANYTHING in oh I don't know how many months. Call it being busy, call it being lazy, it could be due to anything really but the point is I am due to be married in October and I'm shaping up to be a pretty crummy wife! So my poor fiance has been sleeping outside in the freezing cold for his job since Wednesday and gets back on Sunday and I feel terrible... the apartment is an absolute disaster zone, I've hardly touched the kitchen, the washing is almost high enough to scale with a grappling hook and considering we don't have children I'm thinking that's pretty slack of me. So I've kicked myself back into gear and gone a crazy cleaning spree this evening and my lovely man has requested a nice big beef roast with lots of baked potatoes (his favourite) and a citrus meringue tart. Sounds good doesn't it? Ok so it does seem a little '50's house wife' but believe me when I say, if I am willing to clean up our collosal mess and cook a giant meal... our apartment and eeating habits have been REALLY bad lately.

But anyway that's enough of me commiserating about how I wouldn't survive a bygone era...

So, 4 months til Christmas huh? Holy cannoli that has come back around fast! It doesn't seem that long ago that we had last Christmas! I swear it comes up faster and faster every year don't you think?
I hadn't even thought about it really, until the thought struck me today that i'd need to start present hunting again *insert slightly apprehensive frightened face* I HATE Christmas shopping... you would think since I had my own little shop I could just make everyone something right? Alas the downside of only stocking things applicable to girls... I don't think my dad or my brother would appreciate a cute headband somehow!

What is everyone else doing for Chrissy this year? Wouldn't it be great if the whole online crafting community could participate in one ginourmous 'Secret Santa' where we all agree to swap with other businesses in return for something of theirs and so on? Imagine the variety of gifts you'd end up with!! THAT would be a great way to make Christmas easy...

Happy Friday and wishing you all a fantastic weekend guys

-Tash Xx

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