Friday, 26 August 2011

Goals and I dont get along too well

I started a little page for my hand sewn things but you don't know me from any one else out there who does the same thing. I am just another girl entering the crafting world in the hopes of selling something right? Wrong! Actually, the real reason was because I feel like of my many little foibles (be they useful or not) not many of them are actually known to anyone but me! I didn't know I could sing until I stood up in front of a crowd of 250 people one day for a charity fundraiser and sang 'Killing Me Softly' and got a standing ovation...I didn't know I could draw overly well until my art teacher told me I would sincerely benefit from taking a two year trip to Paris to study in a Parisian Art School! As I am not currently sitting under the Eiffle Tower sipping piccolo lattes with a pencil in my hand, you can see that I didn't take that advice.. (a couple of thousand dollars can make any dream a reality) but still, it was a MASSIVE encouragement to be told that.

But in saying all that, I don't sing in front of people, I'm not a member of a choir, and I get rejected from musical auditions (I maintain I'm not 'stage material'... I think you have to be pretty for that stuff), I hardly ever draw anymore and I'm sure there's more to me than that but I haven't worked it out yet.

And so, one of my foibles that I actually want the world to notice (and people have told me it's a little peculiar at my age, but I dont care)... I actually really really REALLY love to hand sew and embroider!! Machine sewing, and don't get me wrong, there are some AMAZING things out there people are able to sew with a machine but I just don't get the same satisfaction from it. I actually enjoy the quiet moments spent sitting with a needle and thread in hand and carefully running a stitch through fabric, it's utter bliss for me! I don't feel the same sense of... oh I don't know how to word it.... erm, the drive to make a dress for example.. so you buy your fabric, you buy your pattern and it's pretty much done in a day. I suppose, if my intention was to make baby clothes for example, you'd need to make them sturdy, they're have to withstand multiple washes... hand sewing doesn't always provide that so of course I'm not going to try and make baby clothes. Dolls clothes perhaps, but not for children... does this make sense?

Anyway, so let me show you something I found thismorning that I had forgotton I'd done

This is a 30 x 30cm square of chocolate brown satin that I hand embroidered with dragonflies and a lovely vine pattern with beadwork. I adore dragonflies, and my intention with this was that I was going to make enough squares in 'colours of the seasons' each embroidered with the dragonflies and vines and roses to make a bed throw out of. It was when I found this square of fabric thismorning that my intentions came rushing back to me and I felt an overwhelming desire to continue with my dream (I don't need a couple thousand dollars for this one!)

Here is the second one I must have started but didn't finish

So this is my plan... I want to finish this project, I really do! Then I want to enter it in the craft section of the Autumn Festival next year! Wouldn't that be fantastic?! I'm excited just thinking about it... but of course, I'd have to actually start working on it again for that. Too bad I can't stick to goals! I will, for the time being, put this project into the 'to be completed' basket I think.

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