Sunday, 13 January 2013

Make scarves! In summer?

 So it's like this, as far as knitting goes all I can do is the garter stitch and even then I can only really go back and forth in a straight line. I intend on broadening my knitting horizons! I learnt to crochet last year and can now write my own patterns and wing it with ease, this year I'll hopefully be able to do the same with two needles. Why are all the patterns I want to try out scarves? Why am I knitting and crocheting scarves in summer? I'll tell you later. So this is my knitting and crochet scarf list to work through... and yes I am aware that I am going to have to branch out from the garter stitch and my lovely straight lines (complete with a hole or two). There may be a lot of cursing involved... but I have a plan. Albeit a secret plan but a plan! And my damn 5.5mm crochet hook has gone walkabout... I have oodles of hooks trust me to lose the one I use most. My ever present power to misplace has struck again!
To Knit:
The Gentle Strip Scarf
The Classic Seed and Leaf Scarf
April Showers Scarf
The 'Marijke' Scarf
To Crochet:
Fruity Pineapple Scarf
Shells and Chains Scarf
Thread and Cotton Scarf
Lacy Treble Crochet Scarf

That's it! That's my list. Knitting needles engage!

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