Sunday, 16 December 2012

Nailed knitting, chocolate, wine and a very squishy photo session

Hiya! I am completely and utterly exhausted from a busy weekend and a photoshoot earlier thisafternoon...thought I'd just pop in to my lovely little corner of the interwebs here with a post for anyone out there who reads them :) *waves*

I have totally nailed this knitting thing... behold! No dropped stitches! It looks like a scarf, and I suppose it could be used as one but it's actually (or at least it will be tomorrow) a newborn wrap that I needed for my shoot tomorrow. Hoorah for being able to make my own props and stuff when I need them! ^.^ Look at my sexy knitting!

I also made some clippies! I was asked to make some for my friend's daughter as she has crazy red hair and obviously needs pretty things to hold it back a little. It's a rare occassion that I'm asked to make things for people... made me feel pretty chuffed actually!

Oh!! I was lucky enough to receive a very kind and thoughtful thankyou gift from my photography clients this afternoon ^.^ I was not expecting anything at all, it was really touching! After doing so much work towards to my photography lately (and I'm certainly not complaining!) it was just really really really lovely to be given a gift. Chocolate and wine.. The way to my heart! So thankyou to the beautiful family I worked with today, you are wonderful people!

Aside from all that I've been spending a mostly quiet weekend at home with hubby and the fur babies playing Skip Bo and Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64.... pretty fantabulous weekend I'd say!

Here's one of the photos from my session today.. see the rest at Quirky Bean Photography if you'd like!
I probably should mention the whole shoot was based around smooshing cake into each other's faces ;)

Bonne nuit my friends! I need some sleep!


  1. Beautiful stuff! Now that you feel comfy with not dropping a stitch, try the Turkish stitch. The video is on youtube. I'm a newbie too, and though it seems like you put a lot of work into it, it's deceptively simple. Have a restful Sunday, and enjoy your goodies :)

    1. I looked it up on Youtube after reading your comment, it looks simple enough! I will be giving it a try, thankyou for the suggestion :o)


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