Saturday, 12 November 2011

Diary of an Inexperienced Gardener- Day Two

My husband and I decided to dig up one of the garden beds today and discovered the weeds were barely in the ground but somehow still alive! The soil is rock hard and very abundant in clay so it's been an effort! We did find more tiny strawberry plants and I've moved them into a pot with plenty of water in the shade :)

I also thought I'd come up with a way to vanquish the snail problem..I pulled an odd 20 or so of one unidentified-of-yet plant and thought if i put them in a bucket of water that might, well you know! Gosh I even feel quilty about murdering snails!! But anyway that didnt work, they just tried to climb out so i put them in hot water and that STILL didnt work so in the end i just tipped them into the green bin with the weeds and closed the lid. The bin goes out tomorrow so hopefull I won that! We will need to find a more effective way non-toxic way though, im not keen on the idea of going around and picking snails of everything!!

I have a question today... all answers welcome! Whilst gardening we found this

What on Earth is it?? It looks as though it's been there a while and we're too scared to open it... any guesses? It's about 4cm in size and seems to contain some kind of yellowly clear oily liquid and the bottle is made of glass. I am extremely curious about it!

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