Saturday, 7 January 2012

Photos for a friend! In return :)

It seems I have a blogging pen pal who lives alllll the way over in El Paso, America who was kind enough to share some photos of her travels and the places she has lived with me on her blog  in response to me asking what her life was like... well I figured the only thing to do of course was to respond! So Jessi, these are for you! My random, non chronological photographic adventures! There may be more than a few, I may have gone a little overboard :p You're going to need a coffee to get through them all :)

The Botanical Gardens at Coffs Harbour, this section was the rainforest walk

The jetty at Coffs Habour

Up at the 'Best of All' Lookout on Springbrook Plateau, Queensland.. it was so breathtaking! (thats me! hehe)

One of the falls at Springbrook

View from a friends' house in Sydney, NSW

A glorious sunset in my home town, Port Macquarie :)

A very friendly wallaby and her baby at a rest stop at Gibralter Rock

Early morning sunrise last year from our old apartment on the hill, Armidale New South Wales

Our little luxury cabin up on Springbrook Plateau, QLD that we stayed at for our honeymoon! Springbrook Plateau is a World Heritage listed place and one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! Hopefully I can find a photo or two of the falls!

Shark-watching from a glass bottom boat at Sea World..was very scary but we did it anyway!

The Sydney Opera House from the ferry to Manly, Sydney NSW
Sailing in Forster/Tuncurry. New South Wales

 At Trial Bay Gaol, South West Rocks having a Luau :)

 Myself and the scouting group at the bottom of 'Jolly Nose' mountain.....
And we made it to the top! Those kids practically ran up that mountain! That was almost 5 years ago now
In the city of Melbourne!!! Beautiful, beautiful place I loved it there! Zoo's, casinos, flashing lights, 3D cinemas, shopping ooh it was heaven!

This is inside a major shopping complex in Melbourne, that is called the 'shot tower', historically it was a bullet manufacturing builing. It has a HUGE steel and glass dome built over the top of it...very impressive and intimidating to stand under!

My hometown Port Macquarie :) This is a sunset from the breakwall... I miss the coast everyday :)

The beach at Indian Head

The view from a rest stop over Walcha Mountains... we travel over them when we go from Armidale to Port Macquarie to visit my family.  
Newcastle, watching a tug boat guide a container ship into the harbour

The old Boundary Riders Hut we camped at in Tuena which was about 8 hours inland from Port Macquarie. 4 days in the middle of no where with no running water, radio contact and living under a canvas tent! It was definately an experience!

The baby wombat my parents rescued from it's dead mother on the side of the road... not really relevant but it's cute :) haha!
Speaking of cable cars... This is was at Taronga Zoo, Sydney...lovely cviews of the city but still too high for me!

Part of my backyard :) And my dog, Toby

A masquerade ball I went to years ago... lots of fun!!

Another of Port Macquarie! This is the view from a penthouse apartment at Rydges was DIVINE! Holidaying in my own home town haha!


  1. First things first, next time I move I need to do another post to share with you!

    Your home town is breathtaking! Ocean, beaches, and that blue sky are just amazing. I have never lived near that much water, hopefully our next post is near lakes or something green!

    That wombat is adorable, I want to cuddle him!

    I vote that we trade countries for just a month or two, it would be fun!

  2. Thankyou :) It is a very beautiful place to live! Much better than Armidale, but we'll go back someday. I miss walking to the beach in the afternoon and going for a swim then off to Cold Rock Ice Creamery afterwards and fish and chips for dinner on the pier! And the people are so nice...everytime we go back to visit my parents it's like going on holiday :) Armidale is nice too, but it's a country town and the first one I've ever lived in, been here 3 years and while I can appreciate the beautiful surroundings, Im still just not used to it!

    Trading countries would be great wouldn't it? To see the Northern Lights has always been on my lifetime 'To-Do' list!

  3. Awesome pictures! I really want to visit there one day! It is like a dream of mine. Thank you for telling me about this post you did! Now I REALLY know I have to make it a goal to get there someday! :)

    1. I hope you do make it over here one day :) I would love to go overseas but there is so much here in Oz that I want to see first! Scooba dive with sharks, travel on the Kahn train across the desert outback, go to the rainforests in Cairns :) It's all on my bucket list!

  4. Wow these are some beautiful pictures! I would love to visit Australia one day.


Thanks a bunch of bananas for the comments lovelies! I sure do appreciate it you spunky thing you :o)