Thursday, 27 October 2011

Chicken soup for the crafting soul

I am having a 'down' day... I'm sure i'm not the only one who experiences these soooooo I did some retail therapy! Lincraft is very handy for retail therapy! Especially for those who are crafty-inclined!

Ok, so my husband and I had this brilliant plan that what with the wedding two weeks ago and us moving house in a weeks time that we are actually too broke to do the whole Christmas present thing this year BUT then he pointed out that I have enough craft supplies to run a small workshop and while the workshop idea isn't quite practical at the moment (one day!!!!) it does mean that I have all I need to just make Christmas presents this year! And so my mission began about a week ago and so far I have made 3 aprons, one pair of pot holders for the kitchen, sewn a new pattern and made a 'peas in the pod' soft toy (very cute too I might add!!) and a pencil roll for art supply storage and I am mid-way through sewing a gorgeous recipe folder. I trawled the internet today too for some food ideas and have also decided that for our friends we are making ginger bread houses, home made toffee apples and coconut ice mice AND im going to try this really cool recipe where you combine cookies, peanut butter, marshmallows and chocolate to make edible acorns!

Why then did I need to do retail therapy today? Well, it sort of helped with the 'down' feeling (I'll explain where that came from a bit later) but also I needed to gather up a few bits and peices to complete my Home-Made DIY Christmas Crusade like cellophane, some more embroidery threads and coloured felt, a few paper bags and chinese take-out boxes for cookies and coconut ice mice, coloured cardboard for tag-making and a few other trims and tassles to complete some projects with. All in all it was about $50 worth of bits and peices but considering I have everything else needed and we are making for 30 + people I'd say that isn't too bad! As for wrapping everything, I've decided to go with inexpensive red and green tissue paper and handmade decorative bows and the afformentioned gift tags for the bulkier things and I am going to make my own gift boxes from my large stash of scrapbooking card for the smaller gifts. There isn't going to be much room left under our Christmas tree this year!!!

So why am I down?

I think this image sums it up pretty well...

I have absolutely no idea why, I just am! Well actually I do know why... but that's another tale for another time :) I think I'll have a coffee and sew some thing together then go get cuddles from my hubby then it will be ok, I have plenty of things to keep me occupied for the time being anyhow so I'd best hop to it! Yes I am aware that it is 10.30pm but I don't sleep too well, I'm a bit of a night owl but it's very productive time spent making, creating and listening to my lovely soft Enya albums.

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Til next time!

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